Why would they even nominate Trump the first time? Here is the real story in a video that you might have seen before, but is too good not to look at again...

In light of Obama's comments at the White House Correspondents Dinner which Trump felt disrespected him, he has made it his goal to erase every vestige of the Obama presidency. There is only so much Obama can take, so he replies with this remake of the song, "Drift Away"...

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July  21,  2020

Update 1007


Next Update- August 18, 2020

They  Still  Got  It  Update  1            



                         July  21, 2020

Trump's poor handling of the Coronavirus certainly will not win him any votes...

And lastly, here are 41 times that Alec Baldwin nailed CANDIDATE TRUMP on SNL...

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Many of us feel that he is an alien life form and that we must defeat him. Who better than Kirk, Spock and Bones to do the job...

Sadly, this is not the Vegas we have been enjoying for the past 27 years of the Vegas trip, and looks like Vegas 28 will be postponed for September.

CANDIDATE TRUMP is featured in the Video Vault today, and his megalomaniac ways bring to mind another diabolic leader...Darth Vader. Here is a look at the leader that Trump would like to be...DARTH TRUMP...