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October  24, 2017

Wrestling  Icons  Update

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                      October  17, 2017

So with his passing, he left many people bereft. Consider the eloquent eulogy from his fan

Trailer Trash Tammy...

Limited to using You Tube videos now, but still a ton of funny content

to get each and every week. Here is this weeks best videos relating

to todays Update theme...

That just about sums it up, doesn't it??

But the lynchpin of the entire Playboy Empire was Hugh Hefner, here roasted by celebrity roaster

extraordinaire, Jeff Ross...

Hefner knew how to party, and when it was his birthday, he really lived it up. Consider Pam Anderson appearing in the buff for his 82nd birthday...

Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine was the centerpiece of his empire, and it all began with the 

Playboy centerfold. Before he was on late night TV, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla hosted 

"The Man Show" on Comedy Central from 1999-2014. Their sexist humor always revolved around good looking women, and what better than to be a part of a Playboy Centerfold shoot...

When there were Playboy Clubs, the Playboy Bunny was the center of that enterprise.

All the Bunnies wore specially created Bunny suits as Pam Horton relates...

Everyone was captivated by the Bunnies, and many TV stars secretly desired to be one. Take this example of Carrie Fisher and Penny Marshall as Bunnies...

And there were many rules to being a Playboy Bunny, especially if you were lucky enough to work at the Playboy Mansion...