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July  16, 2024

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July 123, 2024




And no look at BREAKING CHARACTER would be complete without a look at the amazing cast of"The Carol Burnett Show". Tim Conway was a master of getting Carol and Harvey Korman to laugh out loud during their hilarious sketches. These clips are priceless...

Newscasters are supposed to maintain a composed, dignified persona, but they too often can't hold their laughter in and BREAK CHARACTER...

Before he was the host of "The Tonight Show", Jimmy Fallon was famous for BREAKING CHARACTER on the SNL sketches he was in...


                  July  16, 2024

Great stuff!!

BREAKING CHARACTER refers to actors failing to maintain the illusion of the CHARACTER they are portraying, usually in response to laughing at what another person in the action is doing. The most recent example of this is Heidi Gardner BREAKING CHARACTER in the SNL sketch involving Beavis and Butthead...

As SNL is live, there are more instances of the cast BREAKING CHARACTER. Here is a megadose to show you what I am talking about...

Movie bloopers are often about actors BREAKING CHARACTER, and these clips from the Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder classic, "Young Frankenstein" show that in hilarious fashion...

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