And even more drinking in a BAR can lead let you mouth get ahead of your brain, leading to a BARfight. Here to finish up the BAR videos are the Top 10 movie fight scenes in a nightclub or BAR...


                       October  20, 2020

Today in the VIDEO VAULT, a look at what happens in drinking establishments in this week's

BARS UPDATE. We start off with a look at one of the most skillful BARtenders ever. Watch

what he does with a bottle, shaker and some glasses...

If you keep drinking in the BARS and never know when to stop, you may violate  the "Law of Pacing" which all Vegas Boys are familiar with. Here are some drunks who show you what I mean by that...

Limited to using You Tube videos now, but still a ton of funny content

to get each and every week. Here is this weeks best videos relating

to todays Update theme...

When you are in a BAR, there is always one "know it all"  who always seems to know the answers to every question that anyone might Cliff Clavin...

If you are a Bond fan, you know the line he always says when he is asked what he wants to drink, "A vodka martini, shaken not stirred." Here is that memorable line spoken by different

Bonds, in different Bond films...and a few others. Very cool!...

When you drink in a BAR, it always lubricates the vocal cords. Here is the world's dirtiest song,

that you might hear after a number on Long Island Iced Teas...

​Successful BARS often attract their customers with sexy barmaids, and this one knows the best

way to serve up a beer...

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October  20,  2020

Update 1017

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