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January  19,  2021

Update 1029

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January  26, 2021

Goodbye  Donald  Update         



                   January  19, 2021

Today in the Video Vault, a look at bands who play other famous groups hit songs...some great and some not so great. To start with, a guy who will be looking for a job soon, exPresident Donald Trump, leads us off with a COVER SONG of the immortal Queen hit,

"Bohemian Rhapsody", accompanied by Vlad Putin on the keys...

Limited to using You Tube videos now, but still a ton of funny content

to get each and every week. Here is this weeks best videos relating

to todays Update theme...

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is an insanely difficult song to do a COVER of, but Marc Martel does an 

amazing job on the keyboard and with the vocals. Even better than Donald and Vlad...

And lastly, one more from The Donald, singing the Gloria Gaynor disco hit, so appropriate to where he is in life, it's a COVER SONG of "I Will Survive"...I hope not...

If you close your eyes and listen to the smokey, sultry voice of Lanie Gardner doing a COVER SONG

of Fleetwood Mac's hit, "Dreams" you would swear you are listening to Stevie Nicks. As a matter of fact, I don't think Stevie Nicks even sounds half as good now. Take a listen to this one...

The Bee Gees have had some memorable hits over the years, but nothing comes close to their hits

from the "Saturday Night Fever" album that defined Disco Music. While most of the Gibb brothers

are no longer with us, this COVER band really gets makes us think they are when they do a

COVER SONG of "Staying Alive" and other hits from the album...

Jess Greenberg rocks out on her COVER of "Highway To Hell", if you are even listening to the music...

Not only do these two ladies get the beat and rhythm of Heart's "Barracuda" down, they even sound like Ann and Nancy Wilson...

A COVER SONG that is amazingly spot on is Abigail Mendoza doing her COVER of a

Karen Carpenter hit, "We've Only Just Begun". Sounds just like her...