Sochi was the site of a prior Olympic game, and Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, came out to 

promote the events...

                      December 5, 2017

Men generally go in the other room when women's gymnastics is on, but if they featured Hungarian gymnast, Corina Ungureanu doing it in her underwear, we would be on the edge of our seats...

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Many think the events like biathlon, synchronized swimming and equestrian have no place in today's Olympics. With the preponderance of Black athletes, maybe some of these events should be included ...

Lastly, we have the Olympic Games, the X-Games and I think we are ready for a Jokes From Shaf

favorite game, The Trojan Games...

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December  12, 2017

At  The  Gym   Update

The Olympics will be back next year, so today we look at past Olympic glory with an Olympic Recap Update. Women are not fans of track and field, boxing or basketball, but they are certainly on board when it comes to figure skating. But it bothers The Chairman as to how subjective the judging criteria are. Maybe if they had some judges like Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla from

"The Man Show", guys would be more attentive watchers...