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June  22,  2021

Update 1051

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July  5, 2021 

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                   June  22, 2021

In the Video Vault today, the best ACTION MOVIE STAR ONE LINERS, and to start, the best

Dirty Harry lines and quotes from Clint Eastwood...

Limited to using You Tube videos now, but still a ton of funny content

to get each and every week. Here is this weeks best videos relating

to todays Update theme...

Through 25 years, and 4 movies, Harrison Ford played the intrepid archeologist, Indiana Jones. With a new film to be released in 2022, we will see if there are more classic ONE LINERS to add to this list...

And lastly, I don't think there is any doubt that the ACTION STAR who always had the clever 

comeback to a villain's death or any other situation had to be James Bond. Do you remember all of these?...

But the good guys didn't corner the market on ONE LINERS, here are the best villain quotes...

It seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger always had a clever ONE LINER in his movies that you would remember...

Another ACTION STAR who had a way with the ONE LINERS was Bruce Willis, as John McClain in the "Die Hard" movies...