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September 22,  2020

Update 1013

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September  29, 2020

Austin  Powers  Update         


For the past few years, EARTH, WIND AND FIRE and CHICAGO have toured together. They sound better together than they did alone, as you can hear when they sing  the EWF hit, "Sing a Song" on their tour...


                       September 22, 2020

A few months ago, we had an Update about older rockers who still can crank out the tunes. It was a big hit, so today another look at some of your favorites in a THEY STILL GOT IT PART 2 UPDATE. We kick it off with a band who was always a favorite of The Chairman, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS. They have gone through many band members, but the nucleus of Tom Simmons, John McFee and Tom Johnston kept the music going from 1970 until today. They still bring it with "Rockin Down The Highway" from November, 2018...

Limited to using You Tube videos now, but still a ton of funny content

to get each and every week. Here is this weeks best videos relating

to todays Update theme...

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson formed the group HEART in 1970. Their popularity waned in the 1980's, but they returned to performing in 2002. Ann Wilson's pipes can still send chills up your 

spine when she hits the big notes, as she did with the Royal Philharmonic in 2016, when she sang the hit, "Alone"...

JERRY LEE LEWIS, know as "The Killer", was born in 1935 and hit it big in 1957 with the hit,

"Great Balls of Fire". Here in 2019, at the age of 84 in Sarasota, he shows you that he can still pound the ivories and get you up and dancing...

If you ever went to a strip club, this has to be the number one song played there. DEF LEPPARD

formed in England in 1977. This heavy metal band has continued to tour with mostly the same members to this day. In 1987 the band reached number 2 on the Billboard charts with "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Here they perform it at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over 30 years later in 2019...

Great tunes from classic bands.

CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH have been around since 1968. Their tight harmony and socially relevant  lyrics have kept their music on the shelves of all of us. Here, in 2018, with a few friends, they sing one of their classics, "TEACH YOUR CHILDREN". Enjoy Czar of The Cigar...

And lastly, when you look at the super groups of the past 70 years, there are two that come to mind: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Formed in 1962 in London, they still sell out stadiums with their classic hits. In 2018, in Dublin, listen to them rock out and get the fans screaming with "Gimme Shelter". Mick Jagger can still strut with the best of them, here at

75 years old!!!...