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June  22,  2021

Update 1051

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July  5, 2021 

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I have always loved the "Die Hard" series of movies in which Bruce Willis is the perfect model for an 
​ACTION STAR as John McClain...

And his cohort through the 1980s and 90s, who played Rocky, Rambo, Judge Dredd and others, Sylvester Stallone would certainly make the list...


            June  22, 2021

There are many famous ACTION STARS, but for The Chairman, these are the Top 6. Portraying Conan, The Terminator, Jack Slater, Mr. Freeze and so many more, you certainly must include Arnold Schwarzenegger...

The first Bond movie was Dr. No in 1962, and for 60 years, through many James Bonds, he is still the 

standard for the cool ACTION STAR...

"The Man With No Name", Dirty Harry, Kelly's Heroes, Clint Eastwood has been an ACTION STAR on TV and in the movies since the 1950's...

But the surprising top ACTION STAR for The Chairman is that intrepid archeologist who seemed to 

have adventures beyond belief, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones...